Our Important Documents

A Guide To Renting With To Rent Me

We understand that renting can be a very confusing and time consuming experience, especially to those of you who have never lived in rented accommodation before. From viewings, to applications and deposits we'll explain how everything works to keep you on the right path. 

Tenancy Deposit Schemes

When you rent a property you will be asked to pay a security deposit. In Scotland all landlords/agents are required to register this money with one of the government approved Tenancy Deposit Schemes.

  1. Safe Deposits Scotland
  2. Letting Protection Service Scotland 
  3. My Deposits Scotland

We use Safe Deposits Scotland as our third party deposit scheme. They hold this initial payment you make (often when your lease is signed) so you can access it at the end of your tenancy if you've met all the terms outlined in your lease. 

We highly recommend giving their website a browse, familiarise yourself with them as when the time comes for you to move out you will need to know everything about the repayment process. 

What To Expect When You Move In

We aim to make your moving in process as smooth and hassle-free as possible. This starts by contacting you up to a month before your lease begins just to touch base with you and organise last few details for moving into your new home. There is a lot that goes into getting a property ready for tenants from ourselves but there also things you will need to sort out before you move in. 

If you are a first time renter or just haven't rented with To Rent Me before we highly recommend downloading our 'Guide to Moving In'. This will outline most of the things you will need to arrange before moving into your new property. From Wifi providers to setting your heating timers we'll give you as much information as we can to lower your stress levels when the day comes. 

Reporting A Repair

Currently all repairs will be processed by your Property Manager, to help us action your repair in a reasonable and timely manner please send the following information in an email when reporting a repair.

  1. Details of what you need repaired- It is very important that you give us as much information as you can about a repair that needs actioned. Of course you may not know exactly what is broken on an appliance for example but let us know what it is not doing correctly.
  2. Send us a quick snapshot or video of what is broken- Where possible please send us a photo or video to accompany your description as this may save us a visit, allowing us to rectify the issue quicker.
  3. Details of where the repair isThis is very important for repairs in individual bedrooms. Whilst we do know who lives in your property we do not know who stays in what room, it is important you give us that information especially if you live in an HMO. 
  4. Information of any other damage that been caused as a result- If you have a leak into your property from the flat above for example, we will need to know of any damage that may have been caused to the flat in addition to water ingress.

Be aware that we do aim to respond to all repairs within 5 working days and if your repair is an emergency then we will aim to action it immediately. In some cases repairs can be a timely process especially when involving communal areas like roofs and secure entry systems. Be patient and trust that we have the matter in hand, there are probably a lot of different landlords and contractors we are trying to contact and this may be a time consuming process. 

If you have an emergency repair and it is out of hours then please call our emergency line on 07375224440. Make sure you send your Property Manager an email after your conversation to update them on the situation.