Moving Out and Claiming Back Deposits

It is fast approaching our busiest few months of the year again, many of you are getting ready to move out of your property and we are preparing for new and excited groups of tenants to move in. You may have already had a visit from us to prepare you for moving out of the flat, but for those of you who haven’t let us run you through our move out procedure.

Step 1- The Pre-Move Out Inspection

Where possible we always try to carry out a pre-move out inspection with you usually 1-2 months before you move out. Your property manager will inspect the property as thoroughly as we can (considering you are still living there) and compare any notes we make against your inventory. Here is a list of some of the things we will check during these inspections:

(1) The condition and cleanliness of any flooring;
(2) The condition of any painting, both walls and ceilings;
(3) All electrical outlets to ensure they are not damaged;
(4) The condition and cleanliness of any white appliances;
(5) The condition of any furnishings provided by your landlord;
(6) The condition and cleanliness of bathrooms and bathroom suites;
(7) The condition and cleanliness of kitchens and their cooking appliances;
(8) That all lightbulbs are present and working;
(9) The condition and cleanliness of blinds or any other window coverings;
(10) The condition and cleanliness of any windows or doors and any locks for them;

Step 2- The Pre-Move Out Report

After these inspections we will write you a report detailing anything that we would consider to be tenant damage, along with advice on how you can rectify this prior to the end of your tenancy. We may also make some notes of any cleaning that we think you should focus on before you move out. At times there are things you cannot fix yourself before you move out of the property, such as an iron burn on a carpet. In these circumstances we will explain to you how a cost for replacement is calculated and how this will be deducted from your deposit.

Step 3- The Move Out Inspection

You will now have had time to rectify any damages before you move out, moved out all your belongings and handed your keys back to the office, completing our vacating form, making sure all rents are paid and up to date, cancelled your standing order with your bank and advised us of your utility company along with move out readings.  At this time, we will carry out your move out inspection. This is like the pre-move out inspection but much more thorough as the property will be empty. We try to carry this out on the day that your lease ends, however sometimes it can be a day or two after depending on our schedules. We will let you know when this inspection takes place, so you can attend if you wish. We will compare the condition of the property with your pre-move out notes, move in inventory and any mid-term notes that we have on file.

Step 4- Deposit Deductions

Following the move out inspection your property manager will determine whether any damage or cleaning costs should be charged against your deposit. There are several factors we must take into account when making these decisions which are as follows:

Below is a useful blog post from Safe Deposits Scotland that we use as a reference when making decisions about deposit deductions:

Safe Deposits Scotland Blog

Once you have reached an agreement with your property manager we will submit a proposal to Safe Deposits Scotland. If you are unsure of how to use the Safe Deposits Scotland website, please take some time to watch the following videos they have created for you.

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